Medical Mentors Shadowing Program Evaluation
In order to help us improve this program, we are asking for your feedback. Also, we’d like you to take a few minutes to reflect on your experience, what you learned, what you liked or didn’t like, and how it may have impacted your career decision. At the end of your shadowing experience, please complete the following questions and turn it into your coordinator (not to your actual mentor).
Evaluate the setting(s) in which you observed as well as the mentors you shadowed (fill in names of mentor/mentors who you shadowed):

1- Very Poor  2- Poor   3- Fair  4- Good  5- Excellent   n/a- didn't observe in this setting

Physical Therapy
Mentors (list names:)

Describe a few things that you learned (can be anything relating to your experience):
What things surprised you about what you observed?
What did you enjoy most about this experience?
What could be done to improve this experience?
Did you feel that what you learned was a valuable experience and worth your time? Why? (please explain)
How has this program affected your career path at this time? (i.e., Are you less interested, more interested in medicine or your chosen profession and why?)
If your friend comes to you and asks if they should shadow at our facility, what will you tell them about your shadowing experience?